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Generating Leads for Roofing Companies

As the owner of a roofing company, we are sure you want to make 2018 a great year. All roofing companies almost certainly face immense challenges today. You do not just have to be up to date in the technical field, you also have to be fit in the field of marketing. The Internet is changing the way we work today. Every modern roofing company today has a homepage on which he presents his company, but the construction and maintenance of the website is complex and sometimes complicated.

If you do not keep your website up-to-date, you lose market share compared to your competitors, because new customers are mainly won through Google search today . It is all the more important, as a roofer, to know the basics of search engine optimization and online marketing.

Be smart and get professional help. So you can spend your precious time with what you do best: cover roofs and make customers happy!

With the following advertising measures we can support your roofer operation:

– Creation and optimization of roofing websites

–  Seo Search Engine Optimization for Google & Co.

– Facebook Fanpage Creation & Advertising Campaigns

– Online Video Marketing on Youtube

– Google Adwords, Bing Ads etc.

– Monthly tracking of rankings and competitors

Optimizing Your Website for Roofing Lead Generation

On-page SEO Optimization includes all content-related adjustments of a website. It is an essential apart of any Roofer SEO or Leads Generation Campaign. This includes optimizing the content of the page (including content) in terms of content quality, formatting, headings, etc., but also technical aspects, such as the headers and tags, as well as the internal link structure of the page, image optimization, server optimization, the URL structure and permalinks, the schema markup, the anchor text optimization, the optimization of the mobile website, the speed of the website and SSL encryption and some more important points.

Optimization of Pictures

– Pictures of old and descriptive texts
– Optimization of image file sizes
– Organization of image data on the server
– Optimization of image formats
– Geotagging the image data

Internet marketing and Web site optimization can be time consuming and nerve wracking, especially if you just do it “on the fly”.

The solution: Roofer Marketing!

Of course, you have created your website as well as possible. Homepage, pictures, texts, everything top. Why only someone rarely finds you on the internet? You probably did not use enough keywords and / or did not place them correctly. Or your meta description was not well worded.
All things that are bad for your roofer marketing – for our experts, of course.

WordPress Homepage

Our company creates a thoroughly optimized homepage with WordPress. Starting with the professional layout over perfect SEO texts up to the linkage with the social media. Because – Dachdecker Marketing is no magic! Just as in the usual search engines to occupy a front place.
If your site is found, of course, the content, in addition to the appearance, also play a crucial role. Many roofers simply list your services and refer to a few references. A few more pictures and they think that’s enough. That under these circumstances, the orders fail, is not surprising. A visitor who constantly needs to read entries, such as:

“We help you with all types of damage, new roofing, greening, installation of windows and thermal insulation. Roofing by the professional! ”
… is bored quickly. Whistler is this ad:

“Is your quilt still not thick enough? Heat for your family rather than the jackdaw on the roof! Now seal the roof and winter can come. Your roofer specialist! ”
Another advantage of WordPress is that it scales almost indefinitely. Your customers can therefore access your websites comfortably from all mobile devices. Whether one page, landing page or web platform with hundreds of subpages. Everything is displayed first-class on every device.

Do not neglect: Social Media!
WordPress also offers a variety of plugins to point to the social media channels. As a result, they reach people who would never have come across you through your website alone. That’s why social media plays an important role in roofing marketing. Here you can discuss your topics with fans and followers. You can share current information, blogs and press news, and above all – win new customers!

Build a target group with plugins
For example, install a WordPress plugin to link to Facebook from your website.
Alone with clickable Facebook images, you can build a whole customer base! Imagine the picture of a successful dormer clicked by Facebook visitors. You can be sure that people are interested in it, otherwise they would not have clicked on it. All you have to do is add a so-called Facebook pixel code. So you can later contact these prospects personally and submit an offer. A simple roofer marketing method to build a target audience.

No one comes to Facebook
With your own Facebook fan page , you can communicate interactively with customers. You and the potential customer get “a face”.
Read the following Facebook post by a roofer company:

“That was something again! The Peters family was so happy about the new solar system. She looked chic and saved a lot of heating costs. But then, the winter was not over yet, the house was no longer warm. Should the system already be broken? My men and I got up and quickly discovered the damage. Several cables had simply been bitten through. Master Marder had been at work! Jochen, with his heart for animals, offered to catch the culprit. He needed almost two days before he could put the marten in the forest healthy. Of course, the repair was a guarantee. We will not forget the humid evening at Peters for a long time. ”

A nice story where the boss and staff are sympathetic and full of responsibility. But, hand on heart, on your website you would never write something like that. For a Facebook fan page, on the other hand, it is ideal. Of course you can also post exclusive offers and current discounts. That means your customers are always up to date in addition to their personal roofing marketing.
We are all flooded with advertising these days. If an advertisement is not conspicuous or impersonal, it appears anonymous and is not perceived. Therefore, use Dachdecker Marketing and inspire your customers with your Facebook Fanpage!

Roofing marketing made easy – Google AdWords
Another efficient way to run roofing marketing is Google AdWords. They can attract attention here, arouse interest and thereby attract new visitors. You will be offered many options:

Text-based search ads
If a user enters a search term on Google, your offer will appear directly above or below the term you are looking for. So roofer marketing right there, when and where it’s needed!

Display ads
Be aware that the Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide! You only select your target group and with display ads you create a precisely aligned roofer marketing campaign.

Mobile in-app ads
Here you draw the interest of iOS or Android users on Google on your app. The app ad appears in various designs across the Google advertising network.

Video Ads
Moving images are more influential than the written word. For this reason, YouTube advertising is one of the most important roofer marketing forms on the Internet.

You have received a particularly nice order: The new coverage of an Art Nouveau villa according to the monument protection guidelines. Capture the most important steps in a video. Upload it to YouTube and AdWords will make sure it’s found. Your clip will automatically appear in the search list or in front of / next to similar videos.

In addition to your own video clip, there are other ways to advertise on YouTube. Ideal for Dachdecker Marketing is an in-display display that consists of a picture and text. It can be set on YouTube videos as well as on the website itself.

Or you opt for an in-stream ad . Here your advertisement is preceded by a video. However, this can be skipped by the visitor. The cost of such Dachdecker marketing only arise if your advertising clip is viewed for more than 30 seconds.

And the other costs?
Do not worry, not so much. You pay only if a user clicks on your ad. Unlocking your ad is completely free.

Oops! What if every day hundreds of users click on the link or the video?
You simply specify in advance the amount you want to spend. It is clear that only interested parties will click on specific offers for roofers. You also determine the distance of your customers. That is, whether your ad will be displayed in your area, in the wider area or even worldwide.

Being found!
The friends moved to another city and happily share their new address. You want to visit them next weekend. Well, look at Google Maps , where they live exactly. Oh yes, that’s what they said, just above Café Knese. A click on the café icon and you see the complete address, address and opening time. You will also learn that an exotic breakfast is served with ginger cheese and fish curry. Great thing!

Rooftop marketing can be so easy! With a My Business listing, you’ll make sure your business is easily found. You can add photos and talk about reviews with your customers. Maybe a number needs updating – no problem. Make changes easy with Google My Business. In addition, your innovation is also updated in Google Maps and Google Search.

And what roofer marketing strategy is the best for me now?
Online marketing is a wide field. Choosing one or more methods is not easy for the layman. Starting with your own website via Facebook, YouTube and Google entries – which procedure will bring more customers?

5 Goal Setting Tips For Making 2018 a Success

2018 is just around the corner, and it feels like we ushered 2017 in yesterday. That is how time flies. In a blink of an eye, eleven months have passed you. If you are lucky, you will have something to show for it. If not, you have nothing to show for it but a lot of excuses to give. There is a list of goals that you have written that you were supposed to accomplish in this year. I hope that you did. Here is yet another time that you have to write down your goals in preparation for 2018. As you set your goals, here are a few tips that will go a long way for you

1. Carry Forward Some Goals You Did Not Accomplish

There are some important goals that you have for 2017 that maybe you did not get to them. For such goals, you do not disregard them because the year is coming to an end. If it is important and worth following through, you can still pursue them in 2018. I know some people may think this is a stupid idea and that you need new and fresh goals. If you are one of such people, then ‘repackage’ the goal. Give it a fresh approach.

2. Set Realistic And Attainable Goals

We are approaching a new year, and I am, sure we are all feeling optimistic and ready for it. Any new year is always a year with a lot of possibilities and it can cause us to list down outrageous goals. It is good to be optimistic and to have confidence in your skills. However, be sure that you have set goals that are within your reach and those that will not frustrate you.

3. Think About Them Before Writing Them Down

There are so many things that you would wish to do come 2018. Even so, you have to separate your wishes and what your heart really wants to do as the year starts. Not every wish translates to a New Year goal. Therefore, take your time to think and analyze everything you want to accomplish in 2018 then pen it down. This will distinguish your random ‘wish to do’ from what you must do.

4. Categorize Your Goals

There are many areas of your life. There are your friendships, your job, your business, your spiritual life, your family, finances, and relationships just to mention a few. You have to categorize your goals so that you can make your 2018 wholesome. There is always room for improvement even if an area of your life is perfect.

5. Purpose To  Accomplish Them

Setting goals are one thing and following them through is another thing. You can only follow them through if you decide to do so. If not, you will fail while we are still in January. Make up your mind that you will accomplish them regardless of what challenges you may face. That is how you make achievements. Even so, remember that it is not a matter of life and death.

As you sit down to set your goals for 2018, I wish you the best. Come 2018 December; I hope you will have accomplished all you wanted to. Remember to review your goals more often. Write them in a good place where you can easily get them and evaluate your progress.

3 Tips To Start A Business From Scratch With No Money

How to start a business from crowding funding. Platforms such as. Kickstarter and Indigogo have revolutionized the startup world. A platform where you can pre sale your business Pre sale your dream and create capital at the same time.Go in-search of cofounder who can help your dream come true. Seldom, I see One man do it alone.Learn to sell your dream.The fastest way to start business from scratch is to get good at storytelling.